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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  December 31, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EST

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charges. bill cosby's new message tonight after being hauled to court. phil: the big change for families this year. j.c.: born at just 22 weeks. now leaving the hospital months later. mary: the challenge he has overcome to finally be headed home. j.c.: live pictures from boston's copley square as the city prepares for first night. a freezing rain advisory is the main concern right now. slick rides could be a serious issue during the overnight hours. good evening, i'm j.c. monahan. phil: and i'm phil lipof. the morning commute will be a bit dicey in spots as well. let's get you to stormteam 5's harvey ren leonard. harv? meteorologist: this went into effect at 7:00 tonight. at first, it was for spotty mist. now the steady rains a been moving in and lasts until 3:00 a.m. in the morning. here is what we're dea dealing with. fog as well.
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poorest vissics. half mile orange. mile in boston. on top of the fog, now we have the precipitation coming in and the pink color, that means reezing rain. it is rain that is freezing upon contact with the ground. we put a lot of temperatures en here. notice logan airport is a little above freezing. norwood at freeze, but only 30 beverly. 30 degrees also being reported now in fitchburg. 29 in mash shoe with a, new hampshire. anything untreated could be very, very sloppy and icy. that is what we want you to be aware. walking, driving, the fog and the freezing rain. now we put everything into motion here. notice, when we get to 2:00 in the morning, we have the freezing rain. by 5:00, getting ready to exit. 8:00, off the coast, except for lingering drop on the cape. good news for you, a min my thaw tomorrow. talk about new year's eve.
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weekend waning few minutes. j.c., phil? phil: the interteener denying the charges but prosecutors are ready to use his own words against him. john atwater is here with more. john? john: bill cosby's lars feel it is unjustified. they feel they have enough evidence to convict him. out of the car, then stumbling into court, bill cosby faced, for what for decades he has been able to dodge, criminal charges for sexual assault. mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move john. that woman had settled a civil suit with the comedian but admission he made when he was deposed in that case gave
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in the unsealed court papers, cosby answered yes when included to use quay losed on women he wanted to have sex with. >> clearly, they have new evidence and new ammunition they think can convict bill cosby. john: more than 50 other women have come forward, but the statute of limitations has insulated cosby from prosecution. the decades long legal battle similar to the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. >> this was the defendant many priests with resources to fight the civil suits to claim that they have were not guilty. >> but now, the comedian the world came to know is is facing felony charges. that stunning federal the wholesome tv character who became a role model to millions. >> god bless you, brother. >> thank you. >> now in this case, prosecutors were up against the deadline because the statute of limitation runs on it just a month. now if convicted, the comedian could go to prison for ten years.
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j.c.: thank you. neighbors of shelburne falls are expressing disappoint tonight f. he has lived there since the early '70's. the quiet town features connected community. many res end dids friendly with the intertanner. >> big time. very disappointed. you know, and, i really, i am upset that the statute of limitations is so short because there are women that go back further. >> it is sated to hear that he lived a come btly different life. j.c.: many are acknowledging the family's contributions. cosby's wife, camille, has been a great friend of the community. phil: new at 11:00, a shot fired during a store robbery in brockton. police responding to the scene on north main street. our partners at the brockton enterprise reporting, two men ran from the store after firing that shot. police still searching for them at this hour.
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night preps, the clock ticking down for city's iconic event. copley square hosting the ice sculptures. j.c.: this will be the 40th anniversary of the new year's eve celebration. some new changes this year and tight security. tonight, workers are putting the final touches on the first night celebration. with it comes heightened security that you will and won't see. >> we will have plenty of officers out there for the bomb dogs, so there is a lot of undercover officers out there. there is a lot of there assets hidden away. >> since the marathon bombing and with recent attacks, security is stepped up for all major events. >> if you see something out of the ordinary, grab police officer, you will see one on the street. call 911. we followp opp everything. dom the city. it is going to be a great night. >> this year marks a big change for first night. for the first time in many year, the city is not running first might.
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it, it will be scaled back with events centered on copley square. >> what is important this year about first night, there are no buttons, everything is free. if you if you are head into the city for first night, you are advised to take the t. free after 8:00 p.m. service will run to 2:00 in the morning. j.c.: new york police say times square will be the safest place on earth tomorrow. one million people will pack in to see the ball drop. they will be joined by 6,000 heavily armed police officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and helicopters circling above. and new this year, 20,000 smartphones given to officers so they can quickly share information about potential threats. like boston there's no known threat to new york. phil: breaking new us now. a friend of the killers is now indict on terrorism charges. 24-year-old enrique marquez, we're talking about it, charged with buying a gun, faruq used to massacre 14 people with his wife
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marquez is accused of planning attack in 20011 and 2012 that was never carried out. if convict on this charge, he could spend up to 50 years in prison. phil: right now, 21 people are hurt after an air canada flight hits heavy turbulence over canada. you can see people being taken off the plane on stretchers. the plane was heading from shanghai to toronto when it hit the turbulence. it made an emergency landing in calgary. three of the 21 injured are children, though none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. j.c.: we have learned the man killed in a crash in new hampshire was arrested for heroin possession in meth thuian earlier this month. police say 45-year-old bruce danforth was driving with a suspendedded lapse. investigators say danforth crossed he center line on wakefield, new hampshire. four agents assigned to protect hillary clinton were in the other car and being treat for nonlife-threatening injuries.
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significant damage to the front end because it was head-on collision. fire and rescue did to have to remove the words to get them off as quickly as possible. heather: zi women in danforth's cars are hospitalized with serious injuries. phil: it may have been solved there are still big questions tonight. prosecutors confirmed the human remains found by a unter saturday in upton are those of james robertson. the 37-year-old father of two was kidnapped from his parent's home in avon on new year's day 2014. four men are charged in connection the kid mapping. prosecutors say it is too early to say if and when homicide charges will be filed. >> we have to follow the evidence. the evidence is still actively being gathered and detectives continue to work. phil: prosecutors are not commenting on the possible motive. the medical examiner is now working to determine how robertson died. j.c.: a fire truck catches fire
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it happened in acton, the fire started in the engine compartment of ladder 28. flames rolled out of the grill and up to the windshield. the truck was towed out of the building where the fire was knocked down. the building sustained significant smoke damage. the chief says the station will not be used until it is fully cleaned up. j.c.: new at 11:00 -- a ten-year-old boy coming to the rescue of his older brother. their home, filling with monoxide. douglas. and our reid lamberty is live there tonight. reid? reid: it's the importance of carbon monoxide detector and making sure they are functioning properly, and responding appropriately, look the ten-year-old boy you are about to meet. not an alarm clock, with you the arm laking chirp of a detector. >> beeping. reid: it alerted brandon wilcox this morning in the douglas home. >> i was away for awhile when
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i thought it with as the smoke detector. reid. he raced upstairs and woke his 15-year-old brother. eye realized we immediated to move to fresh air. reid: the boys called the police department. lech veries so high, firefighters forced to wear mask. >> still have that gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach. reid. they are thankful po the younger son's quick thinking. also acknowledging the safe program he took last year. the program teaches kids about fire safety. since it inception in 1995, fire deaths of children under 18 has dropped by 72%. >> to know what you taught somebody actually benefited somebody, that makes you feel good. reid: can it kills more than 400 people each year. brandon knew what to do.
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you need get it out when it in the house. reid. his brother and parents couldn't be happier. >> if it were not for him, i would be even more injured. reid. gron is being nominate for young hero's award. i want to pint out, by the way shall are shown in that story, brand-new, bought today by the father to replace the one in his home. live tonight, douglas, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: j.c.: the new twist in the for ry plane wreck. who was onboard? where did it crash? that is only adding to mystery. meteorologist: after we get through the freezing rain and the rain. the changing temperatures on through the weekend. j.c.: born at just 22 weeks. finally going home months later. the local family celebrating
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j.c.: the fbi now leading the investigation into a small plane that crashed into a building in anchorage, alaska. new evidence suggests the crash may not have been an accident. investigators say the pilot took the plane on an unauthorized flight and struck the building where his wife works. she was not in the building at the time. the pilot died. neighbors say police and medics were at his home hours before the crash, but it is unclear why. phil: a mexican judge has delayed ethan couch's extradition. police traced ethan couch and his mother to mexico on monday when he used a cell phone to order ear pizza. the two vanished earlier this month after couch violated probation in the 2013 drunk driving case that killed four people in texas. he famously used the affluenza
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and coddled to know better. phil: in missouri, historic flooding has forced people along the mississippi river to seek higher ground. this rescue of a man and his dog shows just how dangerous the conditions are. several rivers are well above flood stage now and some sections have yet to crest. levees have been breached making roads impassable. drier weather is bringing some relief tonight. j.c.: new at 11:00, baby noah's long journey home. born a micro preemie back in july, he is sleeping in his own crib in dorchester tonight. j.c.: it is a heartwarming milestone for noah's family. our mary saladna is live at brigham and woman's hospital where this medical miracle began. mary? mary: as we said tonight, he is finally enjoying the first night at home. overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, scared, happy. mary: this moment is almost too
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after 158 days in the neonatal intensive care unit at brigham and women's in boston, their son, know what, finery strong enough to go home. >> he was born less than pound. 15.5 ounces and going today at 11 pounds. he was born a micropreemie. arrived in the world at 22 weeks. >> the last thing to develop in a newborn is their lungs. so that has been one of his biggest challenges. he has done beautifully with this journey. mary. it has been a journey of fate for the lewis family after two miscarriages, the dorchester couple gave birth a son in brooklyn in 2014 and he, too, was born premature and did not survive. noah turned out to be a fighter. >> he waned to be here. we relied on our faith a lot. mary: they had tremendous support, family, friends, a facebook page full of followers. and staffers who are like family
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guy. >> trying not cry now. mary: as for no with a, he is sleeping peacefully. >> our god just blessed us and amazing how things came together and the couples that are going through it return with know, i say, just stay positive. keep your faith. just never give up. mary: of course, noah will be back for follow-up appoints and take a little bit to catch up. he has proven he is a survivor. more miracles rex petted. j.c., philadelphia, back to you. phil: sure. no stopping him now. j.c.: what a great story. phil: halfway through the whole process. it is remarkable. j.c.: you can see why the nurses get attached not to mention no with a. the cutest thing. when you see know what, do you not want to hold him? good for you. that is just great. harvey, we turn it over to you. we know the news is not quite as beautiful what we just saw give
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seeing from copely square. meteorologist: that is for sure. you can be sure the temperature is around 32 or maybe just above there in boston. harry, fit is a mistake. no, it is not. this is city cam. you can't see much because of the low clouds and the fog. in the, of course, we have the freezing rain. now logan is 34 but you have to travel just a mile and two west of there, you are right around 32 degrees around the city limit and cambridge. it is borderline for freezing rain in those places. the breeze right now is very light. look at all this bright white the fog. worcester. orange. you can pecks that to continue well to the night as well. now this really depicts where it is raining showing the green and that same color. the freezing rain. notice, it is rig along i-95 and pretty much that stability. north and west of there. untreated surfaces, very icy, very slick. south and east, not so much.
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warmer. notice there is some moderate pockets of precipitation which is rain. freezing rain along route 2. that could be dangerous on any untreated service for walking or for driving. there you can see it. upper 20's to around 30 degrees rest north and west. then you go to the mid 30's. new bed forth. in the 40's. icing worry also. this stays effect physical 3:00 a.m. if you are north and west of boston. getting up tomorrow morning. assume anything untreated could be icy. then we are going to see some improve president. it is not real wide area of rain. it is only for several hours and we show you the future cast, yes, it is still around. icy north and west of boston. around 2:00. getting ready to exit at 5:00. off the coast when the final drops around the cape by 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. we get some breaks in the clouds for the afternoon. dry weather for both new year's eve and for new year's day. that is very good news indeed. now, as for how everything is
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temperatures. notice it is right around freezing at dawn in boston. still probably below north and west or at least before dawn. temperatures jump up during the day with breaks in the clouds. high. low to mid 40's along the coast. north and west you will get rid of some of that ice that is around all that sleet. now then as we approach new year'sve around 6:00 in the evening, close to freezing in worcester. upper 30's boston. below freezing at mid night in-wise and just above in boston. there will be a lith bit of active breeze. the windshield will make it feel look the 20's then the winter classic. i would say 39 or 40 about 10 to 20 miles per hour wind and higher gusts. so bundle up if you are going. it will feel colder than the actual temperature. this month of december. only the first day then this current day we are below average. only barely. every other day above way above in most cases. the month is over ten degrees above normal. that is unheard of.
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five or six and the warmest one. the average temperature for the month is 45.3. going to shatter all the records. look at how close. this is going to be way, way above. all is said and done. all right. check ut out here. the next seven days. look owing kay for new year's dy and the winter classic. seasonably cold over the weekend. and but i want to let you know, that is very cold air is going to come in for 36 hours. sunday night and monday, monday night and into early tuesday. that is going to be accompanied by the very cold arctic flow right out of the north. wen that happens, sometimes can you get snow shower on the south shore and the cape. if that happens monday would be the day for that. many areas on monday might not be able to get out of the 20's for high temperatures. however, by wednesday of next week, it looks like there will again. that is how things are shaping. you take care. we'll be in better shape harv. j.c., phil. >> how is this far change into cell phone company could actually owe you money.
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phil: your cell phone company may owe you cash. j.c.: but time's running out to claim it.
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phil: if your cell phone provider is sprint or verizon this may be your last chance to cash in! the deadline to collect some of the $158 million in refunds for victims of mobile cramming is
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it involves sending unsolicited services that are included as an extra fee on monthly bills. for information on how to sign up if you were a victim, visit or our mobile app. j.c.: there is a new app to help you figure out why your baby is crying and developers claim it is 92% accurate. you use it to listen to your baby and get one of the four answers, hungry, wet, sleepy or in pain. but they say it only works when babies are very young, up to about six months. >> when they cry later on, they need money. a right. >> it happens. right. >> well, quite a questionablenating at the garden tonight. the final game in boston with the los angeles lakers and went
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>> prior to the game the celtics gave kobe bryant a piece of the original parquet floor with under two minutes to play kobe's parting gift to the celtics was a three-point dart that put the lights out for the night that began with a rousing reception. >> playing the final game in boston, number 24, kobe bryant! [cheering and applauding] >> kobe seemed thrilled and touched by everything that happened tonight. he missed the first eight shots but the three-point dag we're a minute to go turned a two-point game to a five-point game and sent the teammates giddy. it was bignating for kobe. ways. he went over and hugged and embraced members of the family and got a chance to shake hands.
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game on the floor absorbing it all and thanking the crowd and applauding the crowd and went off the floor and came back on the floor. bye-bye boston for kobe. [cheering and applauding] >> you know, honestly, if i could, right now, i would, you know? i done think fans here really understand how much they drove, you know, are the singing of the songs to the shaking of the bus and going back to the hotel. meap, that stuff will be stuck and it drove. >> all right. in football. the punishment
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clipping. in the nhl, you get suspended three games for clipping. that's the punishment dished to brad marchand for his hit last night against ottawa. >> with marcharound out. he was actually part of the fest tis of today. that is time lapse, obviously, today, they have the family down at gillette stadium which is what applied. player and staff members got to skate with their family members. >> gillespie told me. pretty cool to be out here and see where they win big games and now on our own. >> and not letting players near the ice. they are heading for south florida tomorrow. >> oh. >> that would be nice to see. phil: right? you think they check the entire team. enjoy new year's eve at south i doubt it.
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not this year. >> not like they would want to, be probably.
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